Andrew Westmoreland

It was a bustling Friday night inside the local Applebee’s kitchen. Dozens of part time employees just trying to get through the night were running back and forth. None of them really cared much for what they were doing, just trying to get the next order out. Among all the commotion, three managers supervised everything. It was well-known to everyone that these three didn’t agree on anything. Every time a new cook asked how to make one of the items on the menu, they would get a different answer.

Everything from burger preparation, to chicken cooking time, the three managers were convinced that their way was the only way. These disagreements brought confusion to all the employees. Every single food item they would try to make would be considered wrong by two of the managers. Nothing was being done efficiently at all, and orders were piling up quickly. Fights started to break out amongst the employees. Sides were taken, and each manager had their own fallowing. Things got really ugly. Lives were lost, blood was shed. They never realized that their stubbornness was getting outrageous. They could have fed so many people if they had just compromised. Instead Applebee’s got shut down, and all those innocent people went hungry.

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