Of Divine Warning by Ravi Garg

Creative Project #1, PHIL 114 Global Moral Issues, Summer 2017, Purdue University

Of Divine Warning, 114, by Ravi Garg

This digital art piece is based on “Of Divine Warning: Reading Disaster in a Modern Age.” I have decided to use a collection of images in order to depict the book’s emphasis on how society treats its disaster survivors. In the chapter, “Signs” pg. 27, the authors use a rock falling out of the sky as an example of how ancient societies saw natural disasters are inevitable. At the same time and thinking about contemporary society, the social conditions that are a repercussion of the disaster are society’s responsibility. Specifically, by referring to the works of Frantz Fanon the authors Jane and Lewis Gordon highlight how those who have been subjected to colonialism and racism have been condemned to a path of ill fate and ruin.

My piece of art depicts this falling star analogy where a condemned figure who represents the “survivors” of our society stands above a mountain. To the right of the figure I have added an image of the “despots” of society who work to articulate this survival. A detail that could be missed if the work is only glanced at is the pink triangle on the shoulder of the figure. This pink triangle represents the Nazi badge of shame for homosexuals.

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