Cosmopolis by Ravi Garg

Creative Project #1, PHIL 114 Global Moral Issues, Summer 2017, Purdue University

Phil 114 - Cosmopolis

Justification of artwork by Ravi Garg:

In this digital art piece, I use a collection of four images to depict the events that occur in Cosmopolis by Don DeLillo. Eric is a 28-year-old billionaire who has gambled everything on the possibility that the Japanese Yen will fall and is on a journey to search to face his mortality. On page 29 of the book he discusses this gamble and the hundreds of millions he could potentially make. He has been told that he has an asymmetrical prostate and due to this he starts to recognize his own sense of mortality and that there is something to life apart from himself. This sense of mortality is also depicted through how slow the limo moves. On page 64 DeLillo writes, “The car moved at an inchworm creep”. The slow movement of the car towards his end goal of getting a haircut can be seen as analogous to his slow demise.

In this piece I have decided to encapsulate these aspects of the novel by using a picture of a Mercedes Maybach with the backdrop being a street of Manhattan. I used the Maybach as it is a car that most closely represents the “futuristic” limo that Eric often compares to his archaic and obsolete surroundings. He originally discusses how everything outside his limo has an obsolete feel to it when compared to his own luxurious life. This is discussed when he talks about “Skyscrapers” and how they don’t possess that awe they once did. I depicted his Yen gamble using an image of a stock market screen superimposed on a building. Each building in the picture represents an aspect of the book. The symbol on the right of the car relates to Eric’s deteriorating health and far in the back there is a dollar sign.


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