2 Haikus on Altruism by Olivia Urbansk

Creative Project, PHIL 114 Global Moral Issues, Summer 2017, Purdue University

Creative Project 2 (2)

Haiku #1

Rescue a stranger

Sacrifices of humans

Putting others first


Haiku #2

We are animals

Taking care of each other

Survival of gene

For creative project 2, I decided to express my thoughts through two haiku poems based on “The Expanding Circle: Ethics, Evolution, and Moral Progress” by Peter Singer, published 1981 (reprint 2011). The theme of altruism in the first chapter really spoke to me and how it is shown through both humans and animals. I didn’t really focus on one page in particular because I found the entire chapter permeated with the powerful message of altruism. The themes of animal altruism, evolution, and kin altruism were all new ideas I was exposed to by reading this book and found to be insightful. The strong expressions of survival, putting yourself behind others, and keeping your genes alive, I found to be very inspirational. I tried to express the feelings I experienced when reading the ideas for the first time, and hope readers get my initial feelings by reading them.

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