Honor Haiku by Abigail Yarcusko

Creative Project, PHIL 114 Global Moral Issues, Summer 2017, Purdue University


A man gains support
Actions, innocent lives lost
Regret, sorrow, guilt

Artwork Justification:
In the “Lessons and Legacies” chapter of Anthony Appiah’s The Honor Code: How Moral Revolutions Happen, it is stated that “Both recognition and esteem can be distributed by honor codes without any regard for morality” (Appiah, pg 176). In this sentence, the author’s idea of separation between honor and morality becomes apparent. I attempt to represent this in the form of a haiku. With these three lines, I try to illustrate Appiah’s idea that one may have honor from a people, but this honor does not necessarily mean that positive morality is included, and are therefore separate ideas that do not always occur in congruence.

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