Honor and Social Pressures by Madie Maroney

Fall 2017, CP#2, Global Moral Issues Creative Project, Uncategorized

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Artwork Justification
Through my art, I wanted to display the weight and social pressure of honor
and its counterparts has on individuals and societies. I accomplished this by symbolically placing rocks on the shoulders of people as they walk on a winding and changing path. On page 16, Appiah talks about honor is an entitlement to respect and shames comes when you lose that title. That passage shows a burden to one’s self and to society to keep that honor always and thus the depiction of carrying the “burden” through time. On page 63, Appiah talks about social identity as it relates to conformity and the strive to go beyond the call of duty. This passage inspired the people walking one in front of the other on the winding path, it symbolizes tough measures one needs to take to keep honor and leading one on the track to keep their social identity pure. Finally, on page 129, Appiah talks about how dignity now is different of dignity in the past and the close connection dignity and honor have. This idea is represented in the winding path, I wanted to depict the many curves as the change of honor over time and the continuous need for those to conform to their honor codes. Overall, honor carries a great burden on every individual and society and honor is a key element to human dignity and respect which Appiah so wonderfully shows is valued in almost every culture and society.

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