The Way the World Could Be

The Just Because

It has been a while since I’ve put anything on my WordPress sites. I’m frustrated by the technology, so I will post something brief here to get me in the swing of things again.

I’m in the middle of watching The Fittest on Earth. It’s a documentary on Netflix and also on iTunes. Those athletes are intense. Can you imagine if more of us tried to be that dedicated to the sculpting and strengthening of our bodies the way those athletes do? The documentary shows their struggle to compete against other cross-fitters. It shows how on game day, the pressure is on and people perform differently than in rehearsal or training.

This insight applies well to anyone’s life. Any test that you feel pressure to perform well in, will change your behavior. For example, if you need to perform during an academic test, you will act differently than when you are studying.

That is all. End of typing session.