About this Site

The featured image at the top is a drawing of Frida Kahlo by El Moises Please see his website http://artedemoises.com/ or follow him on Instagram.

This webpage is curated by Reyes Espinoza, current Ph.D. candidate at Purdue University. My philosophical work deals in social-political events/trends (especially PHIL of Race and Latin American PHIL), ethical theory (meta, normative, and applied), and aesthetics–you know Value Theory. The webpage is devoted to displaying my students’, past and present, artworks based on philosophical topics relevant to the class they are taking. For example, Global Moral Issues, Introduction to Ethics, or Introduction to Philosophy.

If you are an artist and perhaps came upon this page accidentally, welcome. If you wish to put any of your work on display, especially if it is relevant to the topics on this site, feel free to contact me at themexafil@gmail.com. Otherwise, drop a comment and let the students know what you think of their work. If you are the general audience, welcome. Please enjoy what you see and hear. If you are a fellow philosopher with university ties and wish to talk to me about this project centered around the elevation of art as relevant to philosophical discourse, especially as a pedagogical tool, email me at themexafil@gmail.com as well.

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