By Landon Brothers

There is black, there is white

There is wrong, there is right

There is yes, there is no

There is stop, there is go

You can love, you can hate

You can destroy, you can create

You can be young, you can be old

You can be hot, you can be cold

Start at the end, or end where you start

To find truth, you must search in your heart

Look inward for truth, you know what is right

The answers are obvious, just don’t think twice

For in every action, there is an opposite reaction

Like feeling repulsion, or feeling attraction

The mind, the body, two separate things

Or maybe one complicated idea, like a theory based on string

Does the chemistry in our brains control what we do?

Or do we all have free will, where we pick and we choose?

If the mind is a canvas, let ideas be your medium

Where you can paint what you like; you have the freedom

These ideas are too heavy, too heavy to weigh

Because between black and white

There is still a touch of gray

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